Coming Soon. Join us for early screenings, sneak previews and other special events celebrating the release of our new documentary feature film that dares to the tell the truth about film financing and will empower and inspire a new wave of independent filmmakers.

This is Movie Money CONFIDENTIAL

This bold, revealing film investigates the secrets of Hollywood and independent film financing from industry insiders.
Rare interviews with film investors, fundraisers, producers, actors, screenwriters, directors and the untold story of funding “The Blair Witch Project” - the most profitable independent feature film in history.
The documentary shares inside information and offers insight into funding films, how it's done, what works, what doesn’t, how to find and attract investors and much more.
An original, provocative, entertaining, cinematic expose of long-held trade secrets, previously unavailable with the real-life war stories from those on the front lines of film financing. It is essential viewing for filmmakers, investors and movie fans everywhere.

TRT (Total Running Time): 101 minutes
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About the team

The core team of filmmakers behind “Movie Money CONFIDENTIAL” (all of whom appear on camera in the film) have more than 100 years of filmmaking experience and have raised millions of dollars for independent films, which (combined) have grossed hundreds of millions of dollars at the box office.

Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes!

Filmmakers shot 100 hours of footage and conducted 60 interviews for Movie Money CONFIDENTIAL featuring one of the last interviews of Burt Reynolds, actress and producer Salma Hayek (The Prophet), and for the first-time ever the real story behind the financing and budget of The Blair Witch Project.

This groundbreaking film is truthful, bold and exposes long-held secrets of how films are financed with startling, sometimes shocking, candor and two multi-camera question and answer forums with students and artists.

Pictured above Louise Levison, Rick Pamplin and Scott duPont filming with students at Saint Andrew’s School.

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